Pismo upućeno Kulturnom centru Kruševac prošlogodišnjeg dobitnika ,,Zlatne kacige" za karikaturu Eray Ozbek


Dear Slavica Nedelkovic,

Thank you for your kind e-mail,

Actually, the honour is mine.

You were very hospitable friends

I lived very pleasant days in Krusevac

and I won precious memories.

If I, myself did some mistakes, excuse me please.

I'm living in a big city with four million people, but I always prefer  small towns.

Your town  is very cute too, quiet and clean. 

Your festival and the organization were excellent.

I congratulate the Culture Center, the Muınicipality but especially all the “Carapani”.

I saw some of photographs of  the ceremonies;

But I have a request:

Could you tag me in the photographes and videos that  I am in, in Facebook,

Because after some time,

I can not find all the documents in Facebook.

Many thanks again to all the attendants and  best regards to all the friends.

Best wishes from İzmir-Turkey.

Eray Ozbek

Cartoonist (And now the winner of Zlatna Kaciga 2015)

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